Welcome David Bowie Fans


David Bowie is my hero. The impact he made on his fellow man in such a short amount of time is truly an inspiration. It’s no small feat to soundtrack the rebellious years of a generation. “Life On Mars” “Rebel Rebel” “Changes” “Starman” were certainly songs that I came of age to. Though I am sad to learn that my heroes are not immortal, I am comforted to know good songs have the chance to be.

If you’re here, I’m sure David Bowie means a lot to you as well. We wanted to share our song with the rest of the Bowie community to show that his music lives on and is far from forgotten in the next generation of songwriters.

-Garrett (Lead Singer of The Modern Electric)

Right Click and Save the file below:

The Modern Electric – David Bowie Save Us All (Redux)

Watch the music video for “David Bowie Save Us All (Redux)” written and directed by The Modern Electric: