Welcome Lou Reed Fans


There was this one summer that had me really feeling low and heartbroken. A good friend of mine was having similar troubles with girls at the time. It was perfect. We spent every night of that summer together sort of letting loose and bonding over our sorrows. Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground served as the soundtrack. When the first few notes of “Walk on The Wild Side” hit, all of our troubles melted away.

If you’re here, I’m sure Lou Reed means a lot to you as well. We wanted to share our song with the rest of the Lou Reed community to show that his music lives on and is far from forgotten in the next generation of songwriters.

-Garrett (Lead Singer of The Modern Electric)

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The Modern Electric – The Summer Of Lou Reed

The Summer Of Lou Reed - Single Cover

Watch the music video for “The Summer Of Lou Reed” written and directed by The Modern Electric: