Handwritten Lyric Book – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


LYRICS BOOK for the entire album Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Each book is personally HAND-WRITTEN and SIGNED by Garrett Komyati.

One of a kind 8″ x 8″ Glossy 12 page book includes album art and single art for each song.


The Modern Electric – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. All We Have Is Now
2. (Try To) Pretend
3. Slow-Motion Jeans
4. The Summer Of Lou Reed
5. Prowess Is Power
6. Same Old Haunts
7. Trouble
8. Great Expectations
9. When All Else Fails
10. The Wait
11. The West Was Never Won
12. End Credits

All songs written by The Modern Electric. Copyright 2014 Garrett Komyati / Filming Our Favorite Music. Produced by Mike McCarthy except tracks 1, 9, 12 produced by The Modern Electric. Released August 18, 2015.


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