Handwritten Lyric Poster


LYRICS POSTER for song of your choice! Each poster is personally HAND-WRITTEN and SIGNED by Garrett Komyati. One of a kind 12″ x 18″ Glossy Poster includes single art for each song.

SPECIAL NOTE – Specify which cover art on the following songs:
David Bowie (Save Us All) OR– David Bowie Save Us All (Redux)
Great Expectations OR– Great Expectations (Killer By Day, Killer By Night)

INSTRUMENTALS are available as SIGNED 12″x12″ Glossy Posters:
End Credits
London Loves Paris, 1988
Vanity Suite (a) One By One The Lights Burn Out
Northcoast Christmas (All Skate Mix)
Great Grandpa John


All We Have Is Now
(Try To) Pretend
Slow-Motion Jeans
The Summer Of Lou Reed
Prowess Is Power
Same Old Haunts
When All Else Fails
The Wait
The West Was Never Won
Where I Belong
As Sharp As Knives
Vanity Suite (b) Divine, Starving, And Sleepless
Love And Misery
The Anti Sing-along
Filming Our Favorite Lies
Northcoast Christmas

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